Friday, January 22, 2016


invest: to put out (as effort) in support of a usually worthy cause (Merriam-Webster)

When I was thinking about what word I wanted to focus on this year, the word invest kept popping in my mind. I'm not in a place right now where I have money to invest in amazing causes, but I quickly realized that's not what invest means.

The definition above struck me in several ways-

to put out (as effort)- investing takes work. It isn't going to be easy to invest in someone or something. It will, in fact, take effort. Investing isn't all fun and games. Sometimes it looks an awful lot like work.

In support of-- investing shows I'm in support of the person or situation. It shows I care. Investment means I feel that it matters.

a usually worthy cause- I laughed when I read this definition. But really, how easy would it be for me to avoid the investment, to come up with excuses? The most I can say about myself is that I'm usually worthy of the grace and care that I've been given. We can't wait around to only invest in things that are perfect--nothing ever will be.

So, what does invest look like for me? I'm focusing on four places I can invest:

Myself: I'm putting out the effort it takes to set aside time to do the things I enjoy (like write and book launching) and learn some new skills.

My family: I'm taking the time to spend more one on one time with my husband and kids. I'm actively trying to not just talk about doing things with them, but scheduling that time as well.
I live far away from my mom, brother and sister. I'm also working to take the time to call and write them (they all know I'm bad at that)

My friends: I'm investing in these relationships too. I've got a goal of writing more letters, making more phone calls and building more friendships.

My faith: I'm investing in this (always) worth cause. I'm reading my Bible more. I'm choosing some books to read that cause me to pause and think about my faith. I'm looking reasons to be grateful.

So, this year I'm making an effort to invest. If you get a letter or a phone call from me, know it is because I think you matter- you are a worthy cause!

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